Gregory Gilmore

Professional Portfolio

Program of Study


ESCPS 7170 Introduction to Applied Statistics


Semester: Summer 2011

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Whitney

Credits: 3


Course Description

The primary goal for the course is to introduce the student to basic concepts of statistics, and how to appropriately analyze data.  This goal includes especially 1) understanding what is multivariate analysis; 2) learning how to properly screen variables prior to analysis, 3) learning several techniques for analyzing data, and 4) learning how to employ a computer program for these techniques.

Reflection Statement

This course will aid me in the future as I analyze test scores, read and apply educational studies in my library, and use library statistics for collection development.  The course has given me critical analysis skills to determine the validity of reported statistics which will impact how I use them in the library, or guide other teachers in my building to use statistics in their instructional planning.  The course has also given me the math skills to understand reported statistics and their application at a deeper level. As student data becomes increasingly important in education and assessment, this course has equipped me to understand, discuss, and apply statistics to instruction in my library and building.