Gregory Gilmore

Professional Portfolio

Program of Study


ISLT 7377 Introduction to Technology in Schools


Semester: Fall 2010

Instructor: Dr. Aimee Klimczak

Credits: 3


Course Description

This course serves as the foundation for a program of study in Educational Technology. Students will be introduced to basic instructional design processes and strategies for integrating technology into teaching/learning. The course will emphasize learning theories/perspectives underlying these processes. It will include an overview of the degree field, an exploration of emerging trends in educational technology, and basic understanding of digital information and media.

Reflection Statement


This course provided me the time to explore critical philosophies behind the inclusion of technology in education.   I was encouraged by my instructor and classmates to try new things with and without technology in my classroom that would positively impact the learning of my students.  During the eight weeks of this course, I explored some of the Kagan cooperative learning structures that my building was introduced to in the previous school year, used Mouse Mischief and Turning Point Response Clickers for student engagement and formative assessment, planned for an opportunity allowing my students to compose music with a computer, and reorganized my instruction to encourage my students to take more responsibility for their learning. Completing the concept map assignment gave me time to think about relevant applications of mapping in my general music classroom.  As a result, I planned a listening activity for my students using a mind map to organize their thoughts and record their evaluation of a musical example.  The instructor of this course also emphasized the importance of staying current in the field of educational technology.  I explored blogs, RSS readers, social bookmarking and networks, and unconferences as sources of professional development.  I also had the opportunity to explore the ISTE website and use online ISTE publications as resources for assignments given in this class. These resources will help me stay current on trends in educational technology after the completion of this degree.