Gregory Gilmore

Professional Portfolio

Program of Study


ISLT 7378 Electronic Portfolio Development


Semester: Spring 2012

Instructor: Dr. Aimee K. Klimczak

Credits: 3


Course Description

This course focuses on the process of developing electronic portfolios to document the achievement of standards-based curriculum.

Reflection Statement

This course gave me the chance to step back and see my degree program as a whole.  By reflecting on each class, aligning my artifacts with the NETS, and compiling my portfolio, I was able to draw connections between courses and assignments I had not seen before.  Although the majority of the course was independent work on my own portfolio, I gained insight from my classmates; borrowing strengths from their portfolios improved the content and presentation of my portfolio, and the feedback I received from them and my instructor further enhanced my portfolio. This course gave me first-hand experience of putting together a document that demonstrates learning, experience, and skills that will be useful in the classroom and library. I also had the opportunity to witness the progress my classmates have made on their portfolios during the class and see the differences between our portfolios as we present our reflections and artifacts in a variety of ways.  Although my elementary students will not be compiling a portfolio of this size or breadth, elements such as reflection, artifacts, and clear presentation can still be applied to any size of portfolio at any level of education.