Gregory Gilmore

Professional Portfolio

Program of Study


ISLT 7366 Technology Leadership in Schools


Semester: Fall 2011

Instructor: Dr. Julie Caplow

Credits: 3


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to assist learners in developing the skills, knowledge, and values needed to provide technology coordination and leadership in schools. Students will deal with aspects of technology facilitation and strategies to be an effective technology leader in a district and building. Topics to be explored include technology planning issues, facilities and hardware issues, incorporating needs assessments, staff development, communication, policies and procedures, staffing, finance, and evaluation.

Reflection Statement

This course provided me the opportunity to view educational technology from an administrative point of view.  I have implemented educational technology as a teacher in various grade levels and buildings, but before taking this class, I never had the chance to explore the planning and preparations necessary to provide and maintain technology in the classroom.  The experience working with technology plans, facility inventories, staffing needs, professional development planning, and budgets will be useful not only in the future as a technology coach or facilitator, but currently as a library media specialist and member of my building's leadership team.  The class allowed me time to consider technology use across an entire building or district, and how decisions made at the building and district level impact individual classrooms.